What is the Most Common Appliance Mistake?

With decades of experience in the appliance parts and installation industry, Bruce Swane has pretty much seen it all. But, what he sees most often is people overloading their washing machines.  

“That just throws it out of whack and slowly you’ll start seeing things break,” he says. “The washing machine is probably the most complicated of our basic appliances. They usually have a transmission, support boards and multiple valves.”  


Not only can overloading lead to expensive repairs or a total replacement, but it also keeps your clothes from getting clean. If you hear banging during the spin cycle, try the following:  

  • Check the load setting on your machine and make sure it matches the amount of clothes in the tub.
  • Turn off the washer and rearrange the clothes so they’re evenly distributed.
  • Restart the machine, stay close and listen. If the banging continues, turn off the washer.
  • Remove clothes to lighten the load and restart the machine.    

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