Appliance Parts Company Helps Save You Money

If your dishwasher is not cleaning like it should or your washing machine has a strange smell, you may want to hold off on calling an appliance repair specialist. The fix could be quick, inexpensive and easily handled by you.    

“There’s a lot of operator error when it comes to dishwashers,” says Appliance Parts President Bruce Swane. “Dishwashers can’t perform the same way they used to because they’ve taken all the phosphates out.”  

After several states banned the use of dishwater detergents that contain high levels of phosphates over water pollution concerns, major manufacturers quit using them. Swane says that’s when many consumers starting complaining about food left on their plates and water marks on their glasses. Now, he says you want to use additives instead of detergent alone. Appliance Parts carries a variety of products that will dissolve calcium, improve water flow and lead to cleaner dishes.  

If your washing machine doesn’t smell so fresh, Appliance Parts has an environmentally friendly solution. A foaming tablet that breaks up detergent residue and cleans the machine you rely on for clean clothes. While you’re focused on the washer, Swane suggests you double check your loads.

“The washing machine is probably used and misused more than any other appliance,” he says. “People absolutely overload and that just throws the machine out of whack and slowly you’ll start to see things break.”  

If your washing machine is more than a five years old you should inspect the water fill hoses. If you see cracks, replace them. And, to cut down on your drying time, clear your dryer exhaust with a brush that can reach lint trapped in the vent.  

You can keep your refrigerator running efficiently by cleaning your condenser coils twice a year using a vacuum cleaner or specially designed brush. And, you can keep water and ice cubes clean and tasting fresh by regularly changing filters in your refrigerator and ice maker.

Always remember to always disconnect appliances from power sources before inspecting and making repairs. If you have questions, Appliance Parts Company has the answers.

Appliance Parts Company was started 1968 as a single store and has grown into one of the most successful appliance parts and installation businesses in the United States with 13 locations across four states. 

Appliance Parts Company is a family-owned business that offers in-store counter, phone, fax and online sales to the general public, trade professionals and maintenance repair operations. They are an authorized distributor for Whirlpool, GE and Electrolux and carries items for nearly all brands of major home appliances. They are committed to helping consumers get the most out of their washers, dryers, refrigerators and other appliances.

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